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"Hello and thank you for visiting my website!

My name is Gabi Steiner.

I have a lovely son who I supported for 8 years as a single mum until I met
Manfred, my partner, when I was 41 years old. As I´m sure you can imagine we
wanted to make the most of our lives together after we'd met!

But we really couldn´t bear to wait until we´d both stopped working at 65
before we had the freedom to do this! So our biggest ambition was, by the
time we hit 50 that we´d have the choice; to decide if we wanted to work,
with whom, and wheres.

And in 1999 I found an opportunity; to build an income without any risks and
without any costs. My energy and efforts were rewarded by great success, and
in turn, the realization that we really could fulfill our dreams.

So in 2005 we moved from Germany to Mallorca; to retire and enjoy life on
the island with our family and friends. Of course, we remained in close
contact with our teams but we weren´t actively looking for new business

Then in August 2010 everything changed.

It all started when I noticed that a good friend of mine had suddenly lost
weight and looked ill. I was concerned, and after speaking to her, she told
me that her personal circumstances had taken a turn for the worse and she
desperately needed to find a job.

I felt it was my duty to help her - to share with her the same opportunity
that I´d had such success with. So then Rachel read my book and was
interested to start.

And now I´m so delighted to be helping Rachel build her team in Mallorca.
It´s amazing what we´ve achieved in such a short time. There´s now a
dynamic, ambitious and fast growing group of like-minded people for whom
this work´ is actually a pleasure! We´ve a snap shot of the world here,
with people from16 nations who are keen to share their success through the
many countries of the world.

Ha, so much for my retirement! But I love it and what´s so fascinating is to
see the same things happening here, just like they did 11 years ago when we
started with Lifeplus in Germany.

I´m so happy because I can share my experience and give these lovely people
ideas to grow their English-speaking market. It´s also done wonders for my
own English, as you can tell!

I know there´s such huge potential ­ it´ just simply a case of listening to
people to understand what they wish to achieve and then helping them with a
solution to do it.

And personally, I find that there´s nothing more rewarding than when you can
help people to help themselves.

With warm wishes, Gabi."


Small Steps, BIG Effects (pdf)Small Steps, BIG Effects (pdf)

With the Lightness of a Butterfly (pdf)With the Lightness of a Butterfly (pdf)

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Life Plus, Gabi Steiner - Empfehlungsmarketing
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